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At Gold's Pelham gym, you'll be amazed at the amenities that make this Gold's Gym location a standout among health clubs near you. Gold's Gym Pelham AL offers free weights, resistance machines and cardio equipment for muscle building and cardiovascular health. But at this family fitness center, you can also do laps in our swimming pool or on our running track. You'll love Gold's Gym hours, because you can train when you like, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Join our Pelham gym for all the other extras, too, including personal training with fitness experts who will tailor a workout program just for your needs. Gold's Gym Pelham AL also offers nutrition counseling to help you with weight loss. Train at this fitness center in Pelham without worries, because we'll entertain your children in our Kid's Club with supervised activities while you work out. During Gold's Gym hours, you can take advantage of our equally convenient Gold's Gym class schedules for workouts that work best for you.

At Gold's Pelham gym and family fitness center, our Kid's Club supervised activities will keep your kids entertained while you train. Gold's Gym Pelham AL also offers amenities, including a sauna and steam room.

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2244 A Pelham Parkway, Pelham, AL 35124


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2244 A Pelham Parkway
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Discover how Gold's Pelham Gym can help you reach or exceed your fitness goals with personal training, great equipment, a swimming pool and running track, and a variety of fun fitness classes. Gold's Gym Pelham AL is a family fitness center near you, with Kid's Club activities for your kids while you train.
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  • HoursGym Hours

    Mon - Fri : 4:30AM - 10:00PM

    Sat : 7:00AM - 7:00PM

    Sun : 9:00AM - 7:00PM

  • AmenitiesGym Amenities

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Thu : 8AM - 1PM & 3PM - 8PM

    Fri : 8AM - 1PM

    Sat : 8AM - 12PM

    Sun : 1PM - 5PM

  • ClassesGym Classes

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Do laps at Gold's Pelham gym, either on the running track or in the swimming pool, because this Gold's Gym location is loaded with extras to help you get fit.

When searching for a Pelham gym that provides personal guidance as well as fitness classes and great equipment, look to Gold's Gym. Membership at Gold's Gym Pelham AL is your ticket to a variety of fitness classes led by fitness experts who provide personal training so you can develop an exercise program to suit your needs. This family fitness center has something for everyone, including a Kid's Club where your children can enjoy supervised activities while you work out. Gold's Gym hours allow you to work out when it's best for you.

Gold's Pelham gym offers many amenities for you to use on your path to transforming your body. Drop by Gold's Gym Pelham AL with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and discover our swimming pool, racquetball court and running track. A standout among family fitness centers, our Pelham gym provides free weights, resistance machines and cardio equipment to help you reach or exceed your fitness goals. Besides great Gold's Gym hours, we also have convenient Gold's Gym class schedules.