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Sculpt and tone at Gold's Gym Medford MA location with a strength training class that uses exercise balls, resistance bands and light hand held weights to shape all of your major muscles. At Gold's Medford gym, supplement your toning workout with a high-powered and empowering cardio class inspired by karate and boxing. Visit us with a Gold's Gym FREE pass if you're not yet a member, and try any of our group exercises, and strength and cardio equipment. All of our Gold's Gym locations stock multiple free weights sets and an array of strength training machines so there's rarely a wait for the equipment you need to get fit.

Browse class schedules at Gold's Gym Medford MA location and you'll discover fitness workouts for every level of exerciser, from beginning athlete to hard-core sports competitor. Get ripped at Gold's Medford gym with an intense barbell-based weight lifting program that challenges and strengthens your entire body. Try Zumba with your Gold's Gym FREE pass and lose yourself in this energetic dance fitness workout that really gets your heart rate going and leaves you with a smile on your face. Blast calories at this Gold's Gym location, strength train or hit your yoga routine while your kids play in our supervised Kid's Club, an on-site facility created just for busy parents on-the-go.

Train at the Gold's Gym Medford MA fitness center in a high intensity group workout that sharpens agility and coordination, and boosts power and endurance. Relax at Gold's Medford gym with some stretching in our serenely quiet yoga and Pilates studio.

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    Medford Gyms & Fitness Centers Certified Personal Trainers, Gym Programs, Fitness Classes & Free Gym Passes Gold's Medford gym is more than a fitness club; it's a health center close to you that offers a sauna, Kid's Club service and certified fitness coaches in addition to our top-notch weight lifting equipment, group fitness classes and cardio machines. Come join us at Gold's Gym Medford MA and see how our gym membership can benefit your health and fitness. See more

Fitness classes at the Gold's Gym Medford MA local gym in your area include Zumba, spinning and group Pilates sessions.

A family fitness center, Gold's Gym Medford MA location features something for everyone, including a Kid's Club, where little ones engage in creative activities under the watchful eye on an adult. Female exercisers at Gold's Medford gym can work out in our general exercise areas or in our women's only workout facility, which affords extra privacy. Pick up a Gold's Gym FREE pass at our front desk or ask for this Gold's Gym temporary membership on our website or by phone, and see for yourself why more than 3 million members around the world keep coming back to Gold's Gyms to get fit. Gold's Gym locations staff certified personal trainers who are ready to answer your exercise and nutritional questions.

Cycle at the Gold's Gym Medford MA fitness center near you for a high-octane cardio routine that torches calories. Fitness facilities at Gold's Medford gym include a state-of-the-art spinning room that's temperature controlled and outfitted with the very latest stationary bikes. With your Gold's Gym FREE pass, try a Pilates class to find out how these carefully structured movements can improve functional fitness so you run faster, play harder and stand stronger. One of many Gold's Gym locations with a dedicated yoga and Pilates studio, the Medford MA local gym in your area makes it easy to focus on your stretches, poses, postures and breathing techniques.  
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