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At Gold's Allentown gym close to you, take your fitness program back to the basics with functional training – our twist on old school exercises. Fitness experts at Gold's Gym Allentown PA coach you through pull-ups, monkey bars, push-ups, squats and other basic moves while adding the latest functional strength training techniques using barbells, rings, ropes and resistance bands to help you build muscle strength. Visit our Allentown Gold's Gym location and try our programs risk free using our Gold's Gym FREE Pass. With your Gold's Gym membership and this unique strength training program, you're on your way to a healthy and fit body.

Discover more at Gold's Allentown gym – more variety in your group fitness classes, more flexibility in gym hours and more amenities like tanning and personal training. At Gold's Gym Allentown PA, we know the importance of having convenience and variety available from your local gym so you can create a lifestyle change and stick to it. Our Allentown Gold's Gym location is staffed with nutrition and fitness experts that help you get the most from each workout: Whether it's challenging you to burn more calories or to change your diet, we're dedicated to helping you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Join us with a Gold's Gym membership and find out how much more you gain from our fitness center near you.

Lose weight at Gold's Allentown gym location when you join a community of members dedicated to living a healthier and fit lifestyle. Our Gold's Gym Allentown PA fitness center near you has a lineup of award-winning group fitness classes, like BODYPUMP, BODYJAM and BodyFlow, which have been specially designed to burn the most calories, while toning and strengthening your muscles, so you get the most from each high energy class.

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2919 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103


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2919 Lehigh Street
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Find success at Gold's Allentown gym close to you with the help of our personal training program, world-class exercise equipment and nationally recognized group fitness classes. Fitness experts at Gold's Gym Allentown PA are available with your local gym membership and have an unrivaled dedication to getting results by coaching you through customized exercise programs, plus nutrition counseling for a healthier lifestyle.
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With you Gold's Allentown gym membership, you can get your workout in no matter what the weather has in store.

Get tough at Gold's Allentown gym with a strength training program that combines our world-class resistance machines, free weights and muscle building group fitness classes. Gold's Gym Allentown PA is part of the world-renowned bodybuilding mecca, offering personal trainers that have an unrivaled dedication to getting results and producing bodybuilding champions. Your local Gold's Gym location offers a variety of weight lifting and resistance machines, along with our nationally recognized BODYPUMP group fitness class that uses barbells to help you safely maximize your results. Your Gold's Gym membership gives you access to our equipment, classes and personal trainers to help you achieve a lifetime of fitness.

Time flies at Gold's Allentown gym in our Cardio Cinema, a theater-like room that houses rows of cardio equipment instead of seats. Watch full-length films at Gold's Gym Allentown PA while you jog on our world-class treadmills, glide on the latest elliptical machines and climb on our cross-trainers. Our Gold's Gym locations featuring the Cardio Cinema have transformed cardio fitness – you lose more weight and burn more calories, while hardly realizing you're working out! Get your Gold's Gym membership and experience our renowned Cardio Cinema for yourself.