Alexandria Fitness Centers & Gym Hours

Group Exercise Classes, Certified Personal Trainers & Cycle Studios

With multiple Alexandria fitness centers, Gold's Gym offers the best equipment, fitness experts, group classes and amenities to help you get and stay fit.. At South Van Dorn, group exercise classes, ranging from cardio classes to weightlifting, feature inspiring instructors who will keep you coming back. The cycling studio is used for multiple classes of different intensities so you can find the speed that is right for you. Our certified personal trainers are there to guide you to the best exercises and cheer you on, past what you thought were your limits.

Check out our Alexandria fitness centers for yourself with a FREE VIP pass. You can try the group exercise classes: Do you like the dance aerobics of Zumba or is the martial arts cardio of BodyCombat more your style? Go from the cycling studio to the weight room to get a full body workout or hit the sauna/steam room to relax. Meet a certified personal trainer who can show you the way to fitness or work out on your own, and discover that Gold's Gym has everything you need to improve your health and physique.

Compare Alexandria fitness centers and you will see why Gold's Gym has an international reputation for exceptional gyms. From group exercise classes to amenities designed to make you more comfortable, a Gold's membership offers access to everything you need to lose weight, build muscles and boost athletic performance.

Discover why Gold's Alexandria Fitness Centers are the best in the city.

At Gold's Alexandria fitness center, we will help you meet your fitness goals, from running a marathon to running after little ones. Group exercise classes are often tailored to specific goals, such as burning calories, firming up the stomach or building muscle, while others promote general fitness. Amp up in the cycling studio or relax and stretch with a yoga class. Ask a certified personal trainer if you are unsure the best way to match an exercise program to meet your fitness goals.

The Alexandria fitness center has extensive hours so you can always find time to get a workout in. We have group exercise classes seven days a week, with fitness classes that have start times before and after work to fit into a busy life. A cycling studio means you can get your biking in even when the weather turns nasty so your exercise program is never dependent on the weather. With the best certified personal trainers, skilled staff and exceptional facilities, Gold's Gym is designed to make working out easier and more convenient for you.