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Step into your Fairport Gold's Gym to start improving overall health and fitness today. This local Gold's Gym in Fairport NY and other convenient Gold's Gym locations are health clubs designed with you in mind. Enjoy fitness classes ranging from mind and body relaxing yoga classes that also improve flexibility and range of motion or sweat away pounds while dancing to Latin-infused music during Zumba for a fun way to get fit. During extensive Gold's Gym hours, take advantage of signature classes including BodyPump and other fitness programs with proven results.

In the Gold's Fairport gym, join strength training classes or enjoy the extensive line of free weights to bulk or carve stronger muscles. Gold's Gym Fairport NY provides everything needed for a well-rounded approach to improving health and fitness. Besides fitness classes, highly trained fitness experts are always ready to help design an individualized plan for weight loss, muscle building or other personal goals. Stop by during Gold's Gym hours including early morning or late night to get personal nutrition counseling to maximize results and overall wellness.

At your Fairport Gold's Gym, have fun kicking, stepping, cycling, punching and more to improved strength and wellness. Join Gold's Gym Fairport NY unique fitness classes including Zumba, BodyPump and cardio designed with results in mind.

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Fairport Gym Memberships & Certified Personal Trainers

100 Village Landing, Fairport, NY 14450


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100 Village Landing
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Check out the Fairport Gold's Gym extensive weight lifting equipment and cardio fitness programs to bulk, sculpt or lean muscle. Our convenient Gold's Gym Fairport NY location also has fitness experts available to chat about diets and setting up personalized workout programs.
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  • HoursGym Hours

    Mon - Fri : 5am - 10pm

    Sat : 6am - 6pm

    Sun : 8am - 5pm

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Thu : 9:00am - 12:00pm & 5:00pm - 8:00pm

    Fri : 9:00am - 12:00pm

    Sat : 8:30am - 12:00pm

    Sun : Closed

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The Fairport Gold's Gym offers personal training and fitness programs to help you create individual workout and dieting plans to get fit.

Join the local Fairport Gold's Gym to not only get in a great workout, but also to enjoy yourself while doing it. Our conveniently located Gold's Gym Fairport NY is designed to improve all facets of health and fitness, and features fun fitness programs and enthusiastic staff. Jump into fitness classes led by well-trained fitness experts and get fit by cycling, jumping, dancing and more. With Gold's Gym hours beginning early in the morning and lasting into the evening, get fit when it's most convenient for your busy schedule.

Check out your Fairport gym for the Gold's Gym standard in state-of-the-art equipment ranging from cardio equipment to weight lifting free weights and machinery. At Gold's Gym in Fairport NY, not only will you build and lean muscle, but you can also join classes to improve range of motion and flexibility, like yoga classes and Pilates classes for all fitness levels. Try fun fitness classes that stretch or build your muscles then chat with fitness coaches about nutrition counseling to feel great both out and in. Also during Gold's Gym hours, engage in stress management programs for a holistic approach to improving overall wellness.