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Compare Gold's Baton Rouge gym to other Louisiana fitness centers and you will see why Gold's Gym sets the standard for what workout gyms should be. Our gym near Prairieville features dedicated local staff who are able to call on the decades of international experience and expertise of Gold's Gym. When you have a gym membership in Baton Rouge, you have a door to a world of exercise knowledge. From world-famous fitness classes to educational webinars, Gold's coaches and staff will show you the best ways to win a marathon, make the team or maintain your ideal weight.

The Baton Rouge gym offers the latest in cardiovascular and resistant equipment, machines designed to be easy to use while making the most of your workout time. The gym near Prairieville has plenty of free weights and bars as well so you're not standing around waiting for dumbbells or a bench. With each gym membership, we promise a superior workout experience, meaning we will have the equipment you need and helpful staff to show you the way. Try our fitness classes or work out on your own, and discover the Gold's Gym difference.

Our Baton Rouge gym is outfitted so that beginners and long-time athletes have the facilities they need. The gym near Prairieville is set up for those who want to train for competition and those who just want a regular fitness class.

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17097 Airline Hwy, Prairieville, LA 70769


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17097 Airline Hwy
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At Gold's Baton Rouge gym, gym memberships are convenient and affordable you will be delighted at the quality of the facilities. The gym near Prairieville is stocked with every type of workout equipment you need and has helpful coaches and staff to make you feel at home.
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    Mon - Sun : 24 hours

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    Mon - Thu : 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 8pm

    Fri - Sat : 8am - 12pm

    Sun : Closed

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Finding the best Baton Rouge gym is the first step in your fitness journey.

The right Baton Rouge gym can change your life, and Gold's Gym has the best Louisiana fitness centers for losing weight and getting healthy. Our gym near Prairieville is conveniently located with extensive hours, making it easier to get your workout in. A gym membership gives you total access to state-of-the-art equipment and great facilities. From fitness classes led by talented instructors to exercise and nutrition advice, Gold's Gym Prairieville has everything you need for your fitness journey.

Go to the Baton Rouge gym to burn calories and build muscle or just to relax and work off some stress energy. Our gym near Prairieville is also a good way to meet people who have the same goals as you. A gym membership is your ticket into a vibrant community of people striving to better themselves who also like to have a bit of fun with their exercise. With dozens of fitness classes as well as supportive staff, Gold's Gym Prairieville has created an environment that encourages success.