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Join Gold's Gym Whitehall PA for an exciting selection of signature Gold's Gym workouts designed to accommodate a wide range of abilities and fitness goals. Take BodyCombat at Gold's Whitehall gyms, an empowering cardio class that mixes elements from several martial arts disciplines, including karate, taekwondo and muay Thai in a fiercely energetic workout. Visit a Gold's Gym close to you and get hooked on Zumba, a fast-moving cardio workout inspired by Latin dance – ditch the traditional workout and join the dance party! With a Gold's Gym FREE pass, try one of our results-oriented cycling sessions where you'll tone and tighten your core while boosting that heart rate and building endurance.

Gold's Gym Whitehall PA is committed to making fitness as convenient as possible. That's why our Whitehall gym offers early morning and late night Gold's Gym hours and a jam-packed Gold's Gym class schedule that offers plenty of opportunities to fit in your favorite workout. Gold's Whitehall fitness facilities also offer a staff supervised Kid's Club activity center that keeps kids occupied with games, movies and crafts while parents and grandparents hit the gym floor. With a Gold's Gym membership there's no excuse to stay home with the kids.

Kid's love Gold's Gym Whitehall PA for our fun and interactive Kid's Club activity center. Bring the kids to Gold's Whitehall gym and then make the most of your precious gym time.

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    Whitehall Gyms & Fitness Gyms Certified Personal Training, Gym Programs, Free Gym Passes & Gym Memberships When you join Gold's Whitehall gym location near you, you make a commitment to live a healthier and stronger life, whether it's by losing weight, building muscles or learning stress management tools. With your Gold's Gym Whitehall PA gym membership, you have access to the nutrition and fitness amenities you need to get fit for life, including our world-class cardio and weight lifting equipment as well as our nationally recognized group fitness classes. See more

Gold's Gym Whitehall PA is a world-class fitness facility built on Gold's tradition of passion, dedication and commitment.

Make Gold's Gym Whitehall PA a destination – not just for fitness, but for relaxing and socializing. Many of our Gold's Gym locations offer in-house juice bars where members can meet up and refresh with a healthy specialty beverage. Our Whitehall fitness facilities also offer tanning and a spacious locker room where you can shower up and cool down before heading to work or home. Sign up for a Gold's Gym FREE pass and test drive our equipment and classes before committing to your Gold's Gym membership. Visit this gym close to you and see why Gold's is the most recognized name in fitness.

Workout at Gold's Gym Whitehall PA and choose from a wide selection of fitness equipment, including free weights, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills and much more. Discover resistance training at our Whitehall gym – we will teach you how to work our easy-to-use machines designed to isolate and build muscle through the entire range of motion. This Gold's Gym location also appeal to members who take an old-school approach to fitness by offering an exhaustive selection of free weights and benches to help you press, curl, squat and lift your way to a better body. Our Gold's Gym close to you offers something for everyone.
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