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Our Gold's Gym Long Beach CA is the best local gym in your area for getting fit and staying in shape. The Long Beach gym location provides innovative exercise equipment and muscle-building free weights, along with a cycle studio where you can pump the pedals for an energizing cardio workout. With a Gold's Gym membership, you'll also benefit from the expertise of certified personal training fitness experts who can guide you through a customized workout program and helpful nutrition counseling so you can get fit inside and out. Try a Gold's Gym FREE pass to check out our fitness facilities to get the real Gold's Gym experience.

In our Gold's Gym Long Beach CA location, we offer a range of invigorating group classes, from engaging Zumba dance to relaxing yoga classes. Bring kids to our Long Beach gym if you need to keep them occupied – we feature a fun Kid's Club that offers fun activities for your kids while you work out on the elliptical machines or burn calories on the treadmill. With a Gold's Gym membership at our Long Beach fitness facility, you can also relax in our rejuvenating sauna after pumping iron. Use a Gold's Gym FREE pass and check out our Gold's Gym class schedules to find the right step, cycle or kickboxing class to get your heart pumping.

At our Gold's Gym Long Beach CA location you can jump on a treadmill, take a spin in our cycle studio and relax in our rejuvenating sauna. Bring kids along to Long Beach gyms, too – our fun Kid's Club keeps them happily entertained while you focus on your fitness program.

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Visit a Gold's Gym Long Beach CA location with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and experience all the fun classes we have to offer, from energizing Zumba to relaxing yoga classes.

Inside our Gold's Gym Long Beach CA location, fitness coaches are waiting to help you with your personalized exercise, nutrition and weight loss goals. At the Long Beach gym, we have all the treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers and free weights to suit your workout preference. A Gold's Gym membership also entitles you to pedal away the pounds in our cycle studio, or to join fun group classes. Get a Gold's Gym FREE pass to participate in exhilarating Pilates classes, yoga classes, spin classes or martial arts-inspired exercise classes.

Try the Gold's Gym Long Beach CA fitness center if you need a way to keep your kids entertained as you workout. Our Long Beach gym features a fun Kid's Club where your children can participate in activities while you hit the treadmill or the sauna. And take advantage of Gold's Gym membership for online access to tools that help you create the perfect workout plans and organize class schedules. A Gold's Gym FREE pass is the beginning of long-term success in reaching and maintaining your personal fitness goals.  
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