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By joining Gold's Gym Lorton VA, you can invest in your health and fitness while having a great time burning calories in many different ways. From the Lorton gym BodyFlow class that uses yoga-inspired moves, to the Zumba class that infuses Latin dance with hip hop, you can stretch and samba your way to a fitter you. Use your Gold's Gym membership to get friends inspired to workout with you by telling them about the Gold's FREE pass. In Lorton, and at Gold's Gym locations elsewhere across the country, get a group together to try out a BODYCOMBAT class that blends tai chi and kickboxing moves for a great cardio workout.

Gold's Gym Lorton VA offers all the benefits you'd expect from a gym near you, plus exciting extras like a Kid's Club where children participate in supervised play. The Lorton gym Kid's Club is run by qualified staff, so you can take a fun fitness class without worrying about your child. A Gold's Gym membership at the Lorton fitness gym also gives you access to online tools to help you track your fitness and set up goals. So no matter what Gold's Gym location you choose, you know you'll be getting expert advice and information both at home and in person with our fitness professionals.

At Gold's Gym Lorton VA, you'll find flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and fitness gym amenities that will keep you coming back for more. Gold's Lorton gym was created with you in mind, offering a fully equipped cardio and weight room with state-of-the-art resistance machines and cardio equipment to help you blast away calories.

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    Lorton Fitness Centers & Gyms Exercise Classes, Certified Personal Trainers, Gym Memberships & Free Gym Passes Choose the Gold's Lorton gym to work with professional, certified trainers and fitness experts who are supportive yet challenging to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Try the many Gold's Gym Lorton VA fitness programs and group fitness classes like BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP classes that combine intense cardio experiences with a variety of moves like weight lifting and tai chi. See more

Try Gold's Gym Lorton VA and let us help you get fit with fat-blasting cardio routines and tailored strength training exercises to help you maximize results.

Stop by Gold's Gym Lorton VA or another Gold's gym near you, and see why so many people have already chosen to be members. At this Lorton gym, our personal trainers are fitness experts who will help you create a fitness program based on a healthy diet and exercise routine. Investing in a Gold's Gym membership is an investment in your health that will show you clear value for years to come. Our Gold's Gym locations offer a variety of fitness classes that are designed from beginner to advanced, so no matter your fitness level, you're sure to find something that's right for you.

Try the Gold's Gym Lorton VA BODYATTACK class, where intense cardio moves are combined with strength training to give you an effective, hour-long fat-blasting workout. The Lorton gym also offers a BODYATTACK Express class that condenses this intense workout into a 30-minute session so you can get in and get out. Try a Gold's Gym membership today, and you'll discover not just another gym near you; you'll find a health club that offers variety and fitness options tailored to suit your needs. Make Lorton your Gold's gym location, and start working your way toward a better you, one mile-long jog or invigorating dance class at a time.  
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