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Start exercising at Gold's Aiken gym where you will find Gold's Gym class schedules to fit your busy lifestyle. Make Gold's Gym Aiken SC your workout center, and with convenient Gold Gym hours, find the right time to develop your fitness program, from early morning to late night. Getting fit at a Gold's Gym location near you is simple with personal trainers on hand to help you create an individual workout plan that will guide you to health and fitness with a mix of cardio, weight lifting and nutrition counseling. Test a Gold's Gym membership with a Gold's Gym FREE pass that gives you access to world-class fitness experts, a variety of high powered and fun fitness classes and strength building all at a health club near you.

Getting fit at Gold's Aiken gym is fun with a variety of fast paced fitness classes for all levels that help you with stress management to weight loss. A workout at Gold's Gym Aiken SC will keep you moving with the Latin rhythms of Zumba, an aerobic exercise dance class that will get your cardio rate pumping. Gain strength at Gold's Gym locations with easy Gold's Gym class schedules at a gym near you, including our signature BodyFlow classes designed to give you flexibility and strength that will lead to overall health and fitness. Every Gold's Gym membership means Gold's Gym hours are suited to your schedule so that you can pop into this health club near you for yoga classes that will balance your emotions while toning your muscles, Pilates class that help get you toned and maintain a healthy lifestyle and other exhilarating classes that set the tone for a healthy life.

Enter the Gold's Aiken gym to experience a workout environment for every fitness level and Gold's Gym class schedules that have fitness classes that cater to different interests. A Gold's Gym Aiken SC membership not only gives you access to Pilates classes, yoga classes and weight lifting but also to personal trainers who will help you meet your weight loss and dieting goals.

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Get healthy at Gold's Aiken Gym with convenient Gold's Gym hours and Gold's Gym class schedules designed to fit your needs. With a Gold's Gym Aiken SC membership at a Gold's Gym location near you, there are endless options to help you get fit and healthy, including yoga classes, Pilates classes and strength training.
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    Mon - Sun : 12:00AM - 12:00AM

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Fri : 8:00AM - 11:30AM & 3:00PM - 8:00PM

    Sat : 8:00AM - 11:30AM

    Sun : 2:00PM - 6:00PM

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Our Gold's Aiken gym, like Gold's Gym locations throughout the country, has convenient Gold's Gym hours and Gold's Gym class schedules to make it easy to achieve a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Join Gold's Aiken gym to start your personal journey toward health and fitness with a customized personal training plan crafted by a fitness expert who will guide you in healthy dieting and weight loss. Start your routine at Gold's Gym Aiken SC with a fitness coach available during Gold's Gym hours to help you meet your fitness goals through exercises, nutrition counseling and strength training. You'll find Gold's Gym locations all have first-rate personal trainers dedicated to helping you work out, get fit and achieve strength at this gym near you. A Gold's Gym membership puts you on the path to lifelong health through fitness programs and fitness classes available at Gold's health clubs near you, where you can easily integrate healthy living into your everyday life.

Working out at Gold's Aiken Gym near you gives you a mecca of fitness choices and amenities to make exercising fun and exciting. Dive into fitness at Gold's Gym Aiken SC with water exercises in the swimming pool for a low impact cardio workout that is great for stress management and muscle building. This Gold's Gym location has Gold's Gym unique Cardio Cinema, where you can catch a feature-length movie while you get fit and healthy on the elliptical machines or treadmills. With a Gold's Gym membership at Gold's Gym Aiken SC, also soothe your tired muscles after weight lifting or Pilates class with a stint in the steam room and sauna to end your workout on a relaxing note.