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Find senior fitness exercises at the South Arlington Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, when you're hunting for low-impact workouts that boost strength, cardio fitness and flexibility. We offer the Silver Sneakers workout plan, which is the nation's leading exercise program created just for seniors, and this popular exercise program addresses issues such as limited mobility and limited range of movement. Along with this fitness training program, don't pass up the Gold's Nation gym program, a rewards plan that's open to all adult-age Gold's Gym members. Collect points in this gym program just by completing simple social media tasks, like Liking the South Arlington Gold's Gym on Facebook, and you can find our more about the Gold's Nation program at

Experienced instructors lead senior fitness exercises at the South Arlington Gold's Gym, and these inspiring fitness coaches will help you make fitness a part of your daily life. Get involved with the Silver Sneakers fitness program and also bike in the Tour de Cure cycling events, and the Tour de Cure bike routes are designed for everyone, from occasional riders to experienced cyclists. A fun fitness training program that gets you outside, the Tour de Cure events collect money to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes. In 2011, this gym program drew more than 55,000 cyclists and raised over $18 million for the American Diabetes Association.

Increase endurance in cardio senior fitness exercises and take a strength training class to build muscle. Silver Sneakers classes include yoga sessions that boost flexibility.

Work out in senior fitness exercises to prepare for the annual Gold's Gym Challenge body transformation contest.

Have fun in senior fitness exercises at the South Arlington Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, and make new and lasting friends in these spirited workouts developed just for older exercisers. Part of the Silver Sneakers senior fitness program, these strength training, aerobic and senior yoga classes use a variety of lively movements and exercise routines to deliver all-over fitness. More than a fitness training program, the Silver Sneakers exercise program improves overall wellbeing and helps older adults achieve greater independence. Sign up for this gym program and a specially trained program advisor will guide you through the Silver Sneakers program step-by-step.

As you tackle your senior fitness exercises, catch the Gold's Gym monthly online seminars to learn the latest health and fitness news. Take part in Silver Sneakers workouts and listen to these useful broadcasts, which are hosted by renowned coaches, nutritionists, psychologists and other experts, and our member education webinars are recorded so you can tune in when you find the time. In the fitness training program the Gold's Gym Challenge, Gold's Gym members push their workouts into overdrive, training to get their fittest in 12 weeks. Exercisers in this Gold's Gym program who've made the most significant physical transformations win cash and other nifty prizes.