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Sculpt your physique in fitness affiliate programs like the Gold's Gym Challenge, one of many gym programs available at the Ballston Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia. The Gold's Gym Challenge physical training program is a body transformation contest designed specifically to push Gold's Gym members into high gear to reach their fitness goals in 12 weeks. Seniors at this Silver Sneakers location, along with all other adult-age Gold's Gym members, can commit to the Gold's Gym Challenge, and males and females who make the most startling changes take home big cash prizes. Document progress in this work out program by snapping "before" and "after" photos of your physical transformation, and these inspiring photos will help others push toward their goals.

Increase total wellness with fitness affiliate programs that answer vital and health and fitness questions. Tackle your physical training program while listening to our member education webinars, which cover topics such as managing stress, dieting and the essential "Big 4" components of a results-oriented fitness program. Older exercisers appreciate this Silver Sneakers location for its comprehensive senior exercise program, and with the Silver Sneakers fitness for seniors workouts, seniors take greater control of their health and unlock the door to greater independence. Other benefits of this work out program include expert guest speakers and fun social events.

Test your determination in fitness affiliate programs like the Gold's Gym Challenge. A physical training program and contest, the Gold's Gym Challenge pushes you to get your fittest in 12 weeks.

For fitness affiliate programs that get you out of the gym, sign up for a bike ride in the yearly Tour de Cure cycling events.

Fitness affiliate programs at the Ballston Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, include the award-winning Silver Sneakers fitness for seniors classes that boost cardiovascular health and flexibility and increase muscular strength. Not only a top physical training program for older adults, the Silver Sneakers plan is a great way for seniors to make new and lasting friends. Program advisors at Silver Sneakers locations meet Silver Sneakers participants who introduce exercisers to all aspects of the program, from the workouts to the frequent health education seminars. In this popular work out program, seniors also have exclusive access to online support for a variety of health issues, such as losing weight and reducing stress.

Earn points in the fitness affiliate program, Gold's Nation, a fun Gold's Gym rewards plan that gives props – and cool swag! – to our most loyal and vocal fans. Hit your physical training program, and then sign up for Gold's Nation to start banking points for completing activities like posting the date you joined the Ballston Gold's Gym to your Facebook timeline. Seniors at this Silver Sneakers location and all other adult-age Gold's Gym members are eligible to join the Gold's Nation FREE gym program, which lets you cash in points for Gold's Gym gear, gift cards and other goodies. Commit to other work out programs, like our annual Tour de Cure bike rides, which raise funds to cure diabetes and support those affected by the disease.