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Gold’s Gym Washington DC provides best-in-the-business trainers, beautiful fitness facilities and topnotch amenities, making Gold’s Gym a welcome destination. Our Washington DC gyms fitness coaches understand that workout time is your time. That’s why Gold’s Gym Van Ness and our other metro locations go above and beyond to make your gym time productive, motivating and enjoyable. With a Gold’s gym membership, enjoy advice from personal trainers, join in our challenging Pilates classes and relax in our sauna and steam rooms.

At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, we will help you formulate a fitness program and provide the knowledge and encouragement to keep you on track. All of our Washington DC gyms offer nationally certified personal trainers, diet and nutrition counselors and enthusiastic fitness coaches who will show you the ropes and provide a supportive, encouraging environment for your transformation. So whether you choose Gold’s Gym Cap Hill or Gold’s Gym 19th and L, you’ll find an entire health and wellness team at your disposal. From muscle building and strength training to stress management and weight loss, Gold’s Gym is your one-stop-shop for building a better you.

Gold’s Gym Washington DC offers topnotch amenities – from locker rooms and saunas to towel service – making your daily workout something to look forward to. Our Washington DC gyms will help you make the most of your gym time.

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    Washington DC Gyms & District of Columbia Fitness Gyms Group Fitness Programs, Exercise Classes, Free Gym Passes & Certified Personal Trainers At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, encounter a friendly and supportive environment that will fast-track your results. Our Washington DC gyms – Gold’s Gym Cap Hill, Gold’s Gym Van Ness and Gold’s Gym 19th and L – are staffed with a passionate and motivating team of fitness experts that will support your wellness goals. See More
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At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, your health and wellness is our top priority.

At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, participate in our fun and rigorous group exercise, which includes cycling, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, sports conditioning and Gold’s signature BODYATTACK, BODYSTEP and BODYPUMP classes. Our Washington DC gyms offer diverse Gold’s Gym class schedules that will help you get fit, get centered, get strong and get excited about fitness. Gold’s Gym Van Ness offers a cycling studio that will allow members to compete against their friends or push themselves to the max. Gold’s Gym Cap Hill offers all of these workouts in a convenient downtown location.

At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to fit in – and reap the benefits of regular physical activity. Our Washington DC gyms employ passionate coaches that will help first-time Gold’s Gym members familiarize themselves with the equipment and design a personalized fitness program to achieve realistic results. Gold’s Gym Van Ness and all of our health clubs near you offer a friendly and supportive environment for making fitness a priority. Get a Gold’s Gym membership today and take the first step toward improved health and wellness.

Gold’s Gym Washington DC offers Gold’s Gym locations conveniently spread throughout the metro location. Looking for Washington DC gyms near Cap Hill – then check out our health club located right across the street from the Federal Center Metro stop. Gold’s Gym Van Ness is a premiere fitness club serving the northwest metro area. Or try a Gold’s Gym membership at 19th and L, just blocks from the Connecticut Avenue/K Street Metro.

At Gold’s Gym Washington DC, we understand that it’s sometimes hard to put fitness first. That’s why our Washington DC gyms are designed with busy members in mind. Gold’s Gym Van Ness offers early morning and late night hours, making it easier to fit in your weekday workout. Gold’s Gym Cap hill with a full-service locker room helps members fit in a workout – and a shower – before work.
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